[Confronting the statistics on intra-European migration: toward greater harmonization?]. [Article in French] Poulain M. "Each international migration stream can be enumerated twice: at the time of departure from the country of emigration and at the time of arrival in the country of immigration.


The study raises the question about the long-term effect of intra-European migration on cognitive abilities in later life. In contrast to previous research that compares migrants to natives of the destination country, this study uses stayers in the European origin countries as reference group for migrants who moved to another European country earlier in life and are now growing old abroad.

Bygnes S(1), Flipo A(2). Author information: (1)University of Bergen, Norway. (2)Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Grenoble, France. Motivations for migrating within the European Union have mainly been attributed to economic, career and lifestyle choices. the phenomenon of intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals, and their variability and lack of comparability.

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CONTEXT · 2 . LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK. 2.1 Long-term residents · 3. STATISTICS ON INTRA-  1 May 2020 Intra-EU labor mobility is centered on matching labor supply to demand, as a Relative to sourcing non-EU migrants, using EU free movers to  2.2 History of Intra-EU Migration. Free movement has been at the core of the European integration project since the treaty of Rome in 1957, even though it was  This belief has had real impacts: For example, restricting the migration and welfare rights of EU migrants has been one of the highest priorities surrounding the  31 Mar 2015 Demographic Issues of Intra-European Migration: Destinations, Family and Settlement.

Culture and inequality in intra-European migrations. Avsnitt  labour migrants from the newer EU countries to the Swedish cleaning Refslund, Bjarke (2014) 'Intra-European labour migration and deteriorating employ-. migration phenomena, including highly skilled, intra-European migration, free At the moment I study the situation of Nordic migrants living in London during  Expert on European migration and asylum policy conducting inquiries, including on family reunification (travel assistance), intra-EU mobility and the Red  moveurope!

ZW. Zimbabwe. Z6. Intra-EU ofördelat 5F. EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) IOM (International Organisation for Migration). 6Z.

I nquiries into the economic and general significance of intra-European migration were regarded as unimportant until recently, when interest began to be aroused in European integration and in the redistribution of population within the continent as an alternative to oversea migration. View Academics in Intra-European Migration on Academia.edu. of intra-European labour mobility. Even more broadly, such mobility interacted with economic and social processes and debates on subjects such as inequality, demography, unemployment and globalisation.

and public debate on migration in Europe have primarily focused on international migration from outside the EU, and less attention has been devoted to intra-European migration. A borderless Europe facilitates the transnationalization of the lives of European citizens. The ease of moving back and forth across countries has fostered permanent

This Synthesis Report has been produced by the European Migration Network (EMN), which comprises the European Commission, its service  on the territory of Member States, only certain categories of migrant workers may benefit from rights in terms of intra-EU mobility, on the basis of the EU acquis .

Intra european migration

27 April 2017. Quarteera. While the EU has introduced a number of specific policies   The Belgian Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN) provides up -to-date, objective and reliable information on asylum and migration in Belgium  EMN Luxembourg Weekly Brief (6 avril 2021). Vous trouverez dans le document ci-joint les plus récentes actualités liées aux migrations, l'asile et l'intégration. 27 Sep 2017 This westward migration of mostly young professionals is taking with the most intra-EU mobility — nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, real  av V Petrogiannis — belonging, as understood by intra-European migrants: the agents of. European mobility. Interviewing post-WW2 Latvian and Greek migrants to.
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Intra european migration

(2)Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Grenoble, France. Motivations for migrating within the European Union have mainly been attributed to economic, career and lifestyle choices. the phenomenon of intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals, and their variability and lack of comparability. Intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals is an under-researched area.

15 May 2019 Patterns of Intra-European Migration. In order to better comprehend patterns of subjective well-being among European migrants, it is important to  2 Jun 2016 We argue that that intra-EU labour immigration may pose a challenge to welfare state legitimacy. A set of survey experiments is used to measure  The refugee and migrant flows to Malta resulting from the conflicts in Libya and Syria have prompted new calls for solidarity and for sustainable responses from the  10 May 2019 But concerns have arisen also in the countries of emigration.
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Aktörer och debatten. I Gent är respondenterna tydliga med att rama in tematiken i vad de kallar för ”Intra-European Migration” som ett fenomen 

[Recent developments in intra-European migration since 1974]. [Article in French] Lebon A, Falchi G. PIP: This article represents the text of a paper presented at a conference on European migration organized by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, May 6-8, 1979. This article investigates the relationship between migrants’ destination choices and the formal labor market access afforded by multiple potential host countries in the context of the EU’s eastward enlargement. We use an index of labor market access laws combined with data on migration from new EU member states into the existing states of the EU and EFTA from 2004 through 2010 to test intra-African migration. By grasping the ‘big picture’ of intra-African migration, policies and activities generated by both the African Union and the European Union will be capable of providing comprehensive ly integrated and tailored responses. Recommendations are directed European migrants to Spain’s coastal areas could be described as the archetypal elite transmigrant. Embodying Papastergiadis’ spectre of placeless capital and the homeless subject, ‘residential tourists’ make creative use of modern communication technologies and increasingly accessible air travel to construct fluid migration trajectories, employing transnational affective and Abstract.

She has been responsible for the Swedish part of the European project Diversity (2011) she focuses on intra-party processes of selection and nomination of Migrant Participation in Political Parties in Sweden (with K. Bivald, T. Hertz, and 

Our study is based  This study uses stayers as reference group for intra-European migrants. •. The IV approach allows measuring the causal effect of migration on cognition.

The ease of moving back and forth across countries has fostered permanent This article deals mainly with new forms of Intra-European migration, processes of integration and inequality, and the dynamics of emerging transnational labour markets in Europe. prospects, intra-European migrants should help countries to adjust to asymmetric shocks and lead to a more efficient allocation of resources within the free migration regime. This policy brief exploits the 2008 economic crisis to investigate how labor market disparities between EU15 countries affected intra-European migration. This article provides a short overview of the history of the European free movement regime, and discusses how mobility in Europe has been promoted and utilized throughout the past 60 years, the EU enlargement into Central and Eastern Europe in 2004 and 2007 and its impact on intra-European migration, and the challenges facing governments in this new era of EU mobility. As we focus on intra‐European migration, freedom of movement is ensured between the countries in our sample through regulations of the European Union or Schengen area.